What additional you can do in paid plan

Generate bulk blogs in a few seconds To access this feature you must upgrade your plan to paid plan. Click on “Get Started” on Bulk generate. Give appropriate title for the blog which you want to generate , you can add multiple blogs clicking “Add another blog” and also allowed to change the options like […]

Paraphrase your blog content

Click on options links and select the “Paraphrase the Content option” Check the verify terms  and click paraphrase content button and update the content.

Schedule the Blog Posting

Click on Status from the blog content list a popup will be appeared and click schedule option Give appropriate date and time and click save

Tags, categories and Excerpt AI summary add

Tags Click on options and a popup will appear, click on category option. Give tags and click Done to save Categories Similarly click on categories option and either create new tag or   select from existing category and click Done to save.  Excerpt Similarly click on Add Excerpt options and click on “Generate Using AI” […]

Add AI image and AI metafields

After generating blogs a list will be appeared of the generated blogs.  Click on “options” link at the right side of corresponding blogs the a popup will be appeared. Click on “Optimize SEO” option for generating metafields or “Generate AI Image” for generating images For meta fields, a pop will be appeared where you can […]

Generate Longer Blogs

At first click on Advance option and the form will be extended. On writing style menu, you can select “Blog length” option and change to “Long”

Add Product in the blog

To add featured product on the blog click on advance option which will expand the form. Click on Featured Item menu item which will allow to choose product from your store Then click on the “Generate Blog Post ” button. 

Blog generation

At first give appropriate title for your blog as shown in figure or you can generate title clicking “Or Generate a Topic with AI” If you want to generate auto images and metafileds , check the “Add Auto Image” and “Add SEO Optimization” button. You can also change the language and status to be published […]

Creating a Seamless User Experience: Shopify Theme Development Tips

In the world of eCommerce, having a great online presence is essential to succeeding in today’s highly competitive environment. As an online merchant, having an attractive, user-friendly website is paramount. Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform, and offers merchants the ability to customize and design their own website, creating a wholly unique experience for their […]