FAQ Floor Calculator

The Floor Calculator by Entangle is a powerful app designed to calculate the number of products required for flooring a specific area or space.

This app is specifically designed for Shopify sites dealing with flooring, painting, roofing, and other related industries where area measurements are essential.

You can easily install the app by clicking the "Add app" button on the Shopify App Store using this link: https://apps.shopify.com/flooring-calculator

Dimension" refers to the area or size of the product, typically represented as length x breadth or sometimes just length, depending on the specific product.

The "Define Dimension" feature enables you to create metafields for each product, allowing you to specify the dimensions of each individual product.

Metafields are custom fields that allow you to define specific values on your website. In this case, they are used to specify the dimensions of products.

To add the app to a product page, click on the "Integrate App" button on the app's dashboard. This will lead you to the customization area, where you can add, edit, or delete the app block for each product.

Yes, you can uninstall the app if needed. Simply click on the "Uninstall App" button, which will guide you to the settings area where you can easily uninstall the app.

You can reach our support team either through the chatbot located at the bottom of the page or by sending an email to support@entanglecommerce.com.

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to customize the content according to your preferences. To do so, navigate to Themes -> Customize, select the product template, and then choose the App block. You'll find various fields to customize the content to match your store's style.

Yes, you have the option to change the unit of calculation. Simply select the Flooring Calculator app block in the customization page, and you'll be able to adjust the unit settings according to your needs.